Notes: Creative Confidence

Posted by _R on July 5, 2017 in Design Thinking, Study Notes, UI / UX Design

Notes and thoughts about the book Creative Confidence: Unleashing the creative potential within us all by Tom Kelley and David Kelley of IDEO. The Heart of Innovation  “Creative confidence is a way of seeing that potential and your place in the world more clearly, unclouded by anxiety and doubt.” Flip Believe that you can make a
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Life Reminders

Posted by _R on July 3, 2017 in Life in General

When things don’t go your way and it feels like whatever you do it just won’t work out, what do you do? Honesty Face the facts. Admit to yourself your shortcomings. Are you really working hard for what you wanted or just doing busywork to preoccupy yourself? What is preventing you from what you need
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Playing by Your Strengths

Posted by _R on January 22, 2017 in Life in General

In Kendo, I play with guys taller, bigger, and more experienced than me. My senseis had taught me that though this seem like a great disadvantage, there is a technique in making that point – if you know how to do it properly. In my case, a men or hit on the head could be
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Posted by _R on May 2, 2016 in Life in General

My friend Tet,  lovely girl that she is,  started the campaign #whywekendo to promote Kendo in the Philippines particularly Manila Kendo Club (MKC), my first Kendo family. I started Kendo a little over 3 years ago and I’ve only been with MKC a couple of months before I moved to Saskatoon. One of the things that  I thought
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The Move: Setting up my DigitalOcean Server

Posted by _R on October 12, 2015 in Tutorials

I recently moved to a new webhost (yay!) because the old is just getting way too expensive and unreliable as I barely use it and I don’t host anyone else anymore anyway. A good friend suggested that I go for DigitalOcean as he has been using for a long time and had not complaints about
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