Searching for that Strange Building

There are so many interesting photos posted all over the internet and shared by people in social networking sites. I found this one shared in my Facebook wall but no information was added. It’s an amazing, strange building with books as facade!

Gone are the days we wonder what it is and where it’s from, thanks to the added bonuses from search engine giant Google.

First, I searched the image in Google Images,  simply, drag and drop the image to the search bar.

Tadah! Google Images showed me where else this image is found and in one of these sites, I found the information I needed. The image is of Kansas City Library in Missouri, USA, and listed as one of the strangest buildings in the world.

I further searched in Google Maps because I wanted to see more of this amazing place. 

The pin was exactly the Kansas City Library but not the strange book building so I used the satellite view of the map and found that the building I am looking for is off the corner from the library.

Toto, this ain’t your Kansas anymore!

Amazing, isn’t it? Thanks Google, we never have to wonder anymore. Check out more strange and fantastic building!