The Beauty Inside: a Hollywood Social Film

I admit I learned about this internet movie/video series (these days, you just can’t put one thing in one category anymore!) because I saw Criminal Minds‘ Matthew Gray Gubler‘s quirky, cute face on the right sidebar of my Facebook page where the sponsored ads were and it read “They say beauty is on the inside. I was hoping they were right.” Being a fangirl, well, I was curious what it was so I clicked and watched.

It was the 3rd episode of The Beauty Inside, an interactive social film presented by Intel and Toshiba, directed by Drake Doremus, starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Topher Grace, Matthew Gray Gubler and a lot of the people in the big interwebz!

It is the story of Alex, a guy who wakes up to a different body every single day but inside he’s still the same person. He then meets and falls in love with Leah. The tragedy starts there as he becomes a new person everyday, someone Leah does not know. Anyone can be part of this interactive social experiment and become Alex by simply by submitting a video and a photo.

They have 4 episodes so far and you can watch them all in The Beauty Inside YouTube channel. I can’t wait for the next! It’s really a good story, the kind that you wish you thought of. It’s not just a very creative, well-shot interactive film, it’s also sort of a promotional film for the Intel-powered Toshiba Ultrabook that Alex always uses. Smart. It started August 16 and a new episode is uploaded every Thursday.

Here’s episode 3 entitled “It Has To Be Tonight” where Matthew Gray Gubler first appeared. Yeah, I watched this first and just didn’t understand what was happening so start with the first episode to get the story right.

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