The Frustrated Artist Me

Last year, I decided to start trying my hands on drawing again. I used to draw a lot when I was a child.  I was often alone so my childhood hobbies were activities that I can do by myself – drawing, reading books, watching  TV.

I can’t say I am an artist, nor do I have the talent for art that I can get a career out of it, but I have always been interested on the subject. I am one of those people who think art history is thrilling. I did not take any art course or classes either.  I think this inclination for art has been helping me with my work as a web designer though. It has given me a bit of a sense for good design which I intend to improve.

Here as some of the things I have done while trying on the different mediums. I’m sorry but I am still intimidated by oil painting so I have nothing to show of that. Maybe soon. (These are not scans but photos shot using my phone).

Tomorrow, I’ll be back to coding so my little art endeavor  is something I like to do as a break from the web. What do you do when you’re away from the computer?

2 thoughts on “The Frustrated Artist Me

    1. Thanks Ms. Meiks! You’re very sweet. :) It would be great if I can make something from it, but I don’t think that’ll be any time soon. I’m just playing around, trying stuff because I think it’s fun ~

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