Flat UI and I

I was looking through my old files and old works when I stumbled on a newbie design I did back in 2008 that was rejected by the client. I have blurred images, replaced others, and hid some text here.

failed design 2008

It looks like it could  be following the flat UI trend these days. There are a lot of flat user interface design kits and guides popping here and there with their bright colors, clean lines, generous white space, and underwhelming, seemingly quiet fonts.

A few years back, some might call this lazy UI. I can’t remember what I was thinking when I designed this and the client might have thought it looked lazy and unfinished. Times have changed. Probably should have added more colors.

Here are a couple of far more beautiful and useful flat UI links and resources you might want to check out and bookmark. Perhaps, you might  have a better hand at it than I did.

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