She ain’t too happy about Google+

Back then, they say that you only use Google+ because you are an employee of Google. I’m not but I still use Google+ admittedly though, just sometimes. I visit it to check on a very specific group of friends who are, well, either Google employees, affiliated to Google developer and business community, and then there are also a couple of web design A-listers that I follow who share valuable thoughts and resources (whom some are Google employees…). I think the only non-work, non-web thing that I check on Google+ is Arsenal.

YouTube, being owned by Google, recently changed their comments feature. You can only comment via Google+ now. And some users are not too happy with it. This girl sure ain’t. (Go cover your kiddies’ ears for a while.)

Curious, I googled some more (yeah, Google). From another TechCrunch article

“To comment, YouTube users have to connect their accounts to a Google+ page or profile, however. By allowing users to connect their accounts to Google+ pages, they’ll still be able to use the service without using their real names, though for the majority of users, that’s probably an extra step they won’t take. In total, though, four out of five people have already connected their YouTube channels to their Google+ accounts, Google tells me.”

The aim is to have more meaningful and engaging conversations in the comments, and perhaps to avoid trolling and discourage bullying, something that YouTube comments are quite littered with. Well, it’s a googly world we have and it’s a free service for most of us after all.