Think Responsively

Responsive web design had been making a buzz for years now ever since this post from Ethan Marcotte on the subject back in 2010. A lot of designers had adopted the concept and had successfully applied it.

I might be late for the party, I know. I’m trying my hand at it and started with this talk from the author – A Dao of Flexibility. I have his book as well and will start with it right away. This would be interesting. You can purchase the good book over at A Book Apart.


Image Source: Responsive Web Design (A Book Apart)

In the video, he talked about flexible grids, flexible images, and the use of media queries. An important point to know is how this formula should be correctly applied. This is how to convert the fixed pixel values that we’re used to into the more flexible percent values.

While I was watching, I couldn’t help but think how this will greatly affect my whole web design workflow with all the different sizes of canvases that we now have to consider – desktop, tablet, and mobile. Thankfully, that is what web and UI designer Sarah Parmenter discussed in her talk Responsive Workflow.

The internet is rich with resources about the topic now and my usual favorites have loads of interesting articles about it.
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We’ll need to think differently – think responsively. I’ve got a long way to go but I hope I can apply it to my own websites soon.