When I grow up…

When we were kids, we get asked what we wanted to be or who we wanted to be like when we grow up. Personally, I can’t remember what the heck I said when I was asked that. Growing up, we were raised by a single mom on minimum wage working 6 days a week with overtime so all I could think of then was school, graduate, and get a job to earn money to buy food. I wanted a refrigerator stocked with pizza and ice cream, and my mom never needing to work ever again.

In recent years, I have explored other fields of interest and among them is history. I hated the subject in school because we were made to memorize so many dates, people’s names, and important places that now I barely remember. This interest in history was because of the rich, dramatic, and grand stories of England. The royals, the palaces, the wars. It’s fascinating to me that I choose to watch documentaries. So, heaven bless the BBC. This also came from my love of [classic] books and period films. I think I’ve seen all the Jane Austen movies and remakes and drama series and their remakes.

To answer the question,  I think would have loved to be like Dr. Lucy Worsley. (Her website is www.lucyworsley.com) She’s an English historian, TV presenter on history, author, and the Chief Curator at Historic Royal Palaces. She heads the organization that manages the royal palaces that are unoccupied or not being used by the royal family. The beautiful, historic buildings are privately cared for; meaning they do not receive any support from the state or the royal family and only from visitors, donors, and volunteers. This part amazes me. The Tower of London, Hampton Court, the Kew Palace – all independent. Dr. Worsley’s office for one is in the Hampton Court Palace.  (See, I just geeked out right there). Kudos to the British public and to all the tourists out there for their support, I hope to be one of you in this lifetime.

Her smart, well-researched, witty, and interesting documentaries are well-worth the watch. I don’t watch TV much (except if Arsenal has a match) and only watch via YouTube. It’s my afternoon tv soap opera. For me, history is about the good stories and not memorizing the dates and people’s names. It’s more about what happened to that person on that time in that place and understanding the reasons why.

(Video source: 5×15 Stories YouTube Channel)

(Video source: BBC YouTube Channel)

With the risk of sounding fairly odd, I had an amusing fangirl moment when she, Dr. Lucy Worsley herself,  “favorited”  my tweet about her. Well, she might have an assistant managing this, but whatever. It was nice and it made me smile.

Dr. Lucy Worsley liked my Tweet

It’s true. I won’t ever be like her , even though I think it would be so cool to work as a museum curator, or work in a historic site or palace surrounded by rich art, amazing architecture, and all field with good stories. Missed dream? Probably. I think it’s like this – I like painting and I do paint sometimes but I won’t be the next Monet or Turner. I’m a web designer so that’s where my interest in art is used. (Though currently unemployed being a recent migrant to Saskatoon. Hire me?).

People who know me are used to this kind of messages in my Twitter feed and I never think about being replied to or -noticed. (You, just wait when Arsenal has a game).  It’s one of Twitter uses after all – it’s like one-way radio that let’s us tell the universe something, shout anything, like how much you need coffee right now but not really expecting someone to give you a nice big cup after. I can’t remember my friend Ika’s exact words but he said something about the current generation being like this, that we want to just post and share almost everything.

As for dreams, it’s just how things go sometimes. We make the most of what we can have and just try to enjoy the other things we like on the side – like being noticed by someone inspiring.

So, what did you want to be when you grow up?