Awesome UX Design Videos to Get You Started

Awesome UX Design Videos to Get You Started

If you’re just getting into User Experience Design (UX Design), here are three of my favorite videos to get you going with learning UX Design, and always a good watch if you’d like some inspiration.


What the #$%@ is UX Design?
This very creative video from UX Mastery will keep you watching every sketch and every step is a really good introduction to the topic and covers the basics of what a UX Designer really does-


The User is Drunk
A very amusing and informative video about UX Design somehow uncomplicates the complicated topic in 4 fun minutes-


Don Norman: The three ways that good design makes you happy
And of course, when it’s about user experience design, about good or bad design in general, it should be a requirement to watch Don Norman’s videos and read his book The Design of Everyday Things


BONUS: A Conversation with Don Norman and Jon Kolko
Watch in full as there are tons to learn from industry leaders Don Norman and Jon Kolko, you won’t notice how long it really is-