Google Takeout for Backup

Google Takeout for Backup

So, what do you do when you see that your free Google account space is running out?

Google has awesome services we use daily and had become an integral part of out lives like GMail, Drive and Photos.  But like most of us, we use it free and thus it has limited space.


We can all download our files, however, if you have a lot to sort out especially with Photos, it can be a drag to sort out.

Google Takeout is a great tool that can help you free up some much needed space by allowing us to download our files by bulk, by app.  Just select which app you would like to backup at that time –

GoogleTakeout2A few clicks and we’re creating a back up!GoogleTakeout3


Once the backup has completed, it will allow you to download the files in chunks, like zip, to better manage download and will keep them available for a certain span of time. Quite handy.



Download in parts – GoogleTakeout4


Happy backups!