Playing by Your Strengths

In Kendo, I play with guys taller, bigger, and more experienced than me. My senseis had taught me that though this seem like a great disadvantage, there is a technique in making that point – if you know how to do it properly. In my case, a men or hit on the head could be difficult with the height difference so a quick hit to the kote or wrist is a good way. This is a scenario where you choose. This is the point where you no longer just swing the shinai but think about your kendo deeper.

In life, we face different situations where we need to choose. We face obstacles that we may or may not be ready for and our resilience and resolve will be tested. We fight through, taking in our arsenal everything that we have gone through to make it to that difficult point. We are weighed, we are measured, and hope that we are not found wanting.

This is also the time we must play by our strengths.

When you feel like you’ve been set up to fail and that hopelessness wants to swallow you, then this is the time to stop, step back, and breath – reassess your situation, rethink the problem, regroup your arsenal, reset your mind, review what has been happening around you and check if it still is the way to achieve your goals.

If not, there is a better technique, another way. This thinking is a more productive path instead of blaming yourself/others/luck, doubting yourself, and feeling bad all the way through.

Remember your training, the thousands of times you swung that shinai to perfect that one true hit to get that point. In Kendo as well as in life, try to hit a kote instead of a men.