Ideas from the History of Graphic Design – Week 2 Assignment

In Week 2 of Ideas from the History of Graphic Design, our new assignment was to identify 3 new tools used by designers right now and give reasons why the tool or technology is relevant to the practice of design. Here are my answers:

Adobe Creative Suite that includes Photoshop and Illustrator has become the premier photo editor and graphics creator today. These programs changed contemporary design practice by allowing designers of today, in basic form, manipulate pixels to convey messages and present images generally for publication in printed form i.e books, magazines printed on paper and in online form i.e. websites and graphical elements viewed on computers and mobile phones. With touch technology, working on digital works with the use of touchscreen devices and digital pen has become possible. Designers can now draw and paint digitally with the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil replacing paper and a regular pencil or brush.

3D printing has become a new medium for design not only as a new medium and process for artistic purposes (such as creating 3D sculptures) but also in creating different marketable products from toys to medical tools. It changed contemporary design practice by allowing a new way to make use of nylon, resin, and other materials. New machines and processes were invented to create a 3D object and this created a whole new industry

The modern smartphones like the Apple iPhone and Google Pixel had become as technological-packed and hi-tech as they could ever be. These days, anyone who knows how to use the camera program of a mobile phone can take pictures and videos as if using fool-proof digital SLR cameras and video recorders – simplified and made more user-friendly. It has changed contemporary design practice by becoming a designer’s handy camera and recorder – no need for film nor heavy lenses, no chemicals for printing and hours of processing in dark rooms. Matched with Adobe Photoshop, digital photos taken by these smartphones are easily manipulated.The process of creation and even publication of digital images has become more personal with the smartphone as different apps in the device allowed self-processing of photos as well as self-publishing online i.e Instagram.

Unfortunately, I did not get perfect marks for my answer in #2 with one reviewer asking what is the relevance of 3D printing to graphics design. I think it’s relevant because the process of creating a 3D product involves graphics heavily. A 3D-printed object starts with the software that designs it from outline, skeleton, patterns, to 3D modeling. I suppose I was not able to emphasize that point. What do you think?