Ideas from the History of Graphic Design – Week 3 Assignment

For Week 3, the topic was about Modernism in America and how design played a vital role in establishing commercial brand identities of various companies. As an assignment, we were to find a contemporary example that incorporated symbols or symbolic language in its design, describing what is communicated by the symbol and its overall effect.

The Design of the new Instagram logo
Instagram is a photo-sharing social media application that allows members to instantly take a photo or record a short video, post it on their feed and share it to the public or to account followers. A user can also follow other users to view, comment, and “heart” their photos. Instagram unveiled their new logo mid-2016. Their change from the retro-looking camera logo with a skeumorphic design to a new simple white outline of a camera with bright gradient background colors received mixed reactions from users.

The new Instagram app logo has a simplistic glyph icon design that uses the ideas of modern flat design yet still incorporates what Instagram is all about – the camera shown as white square outline of a camera, the circle in the middle as the lens and the white dot on the top right as the flash bulb. The rainbow is seen as a symbol of Instagram as well, considered to represent the diverse topics and interests of users. This rainbow is shown as the bright gradient colors from yellow, orange, red, pink, to purple – warm sunset colors that would also make you think of the numerous sunset landscape photos that users post. They incorporated these design ideas to other Instagram add-on apps (Layout, Boomerang, Hyperlapse) to create one visual identity for the family of apps.

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