Coursera: Imagemaking Assignment

The latest Coursera course I’m taking is the Introduction to Imagemaking as part of the Graphic Design Specialization from the California Institute of the Arts. This course is very hands-on and exploratory and not just about knowing the concepts of creating an image. The implementation of the concepts introduced was very important and pushed one to explore, experiment, and enjoy the process.

All images have meaning although they may not be the same for everyone. In this course, we were taught about what factors Рspace, scale, cultural aspects, knowledge-base Р affect this message and how a composition may be seen and what an image maker could do to properly convey the meaning intended; what tools, and what steps to take.

The final assignment is an 8-page book using images we have created and researched of a chosen topic. The goal is to not only apply concepts but create a meaningful composition, which I thoroughly enjoyed.