Coursera Final Project: Brand New Brand

I finished my capstone project for California Institute of the Arts course Graphic Design Specialization. Brand New Brand is the final course where we apply what we have learned from the past courses

  1. Fundamentals of Graphic Design
  2. Introduction to Typography
  3. Introduction to Imagemaking
  4. Ideas from the History of Graphic Design
  5. Brand New Brand

Fundamentals of Graphic Design
In this course, we started with overviews of topics included in the domain of graphic design – imagemaking, typography, shape and color, and composition. It was a great starting point and a taste of what’s to come.

Introduction to Typography
What is type and how do we use it? This course talks about the what makes a type, the various types and where they came from, how to use them properly and how we integrate it in our design to effectively convey our message.

Introduction to Imagemaking
Imagemaking is not just about creating images but also conveying the message visually. This course has a very effective hands-on approach to each process which makes for great practice and understanding of the methods.

Ideas from the History of Graphic Design
After the methods and processes, this course is a great pivot to something historical. The courses include stories of graphic design evolved an through the times, examples of applications of the underlying ideas, and influential people and places that made graphic design it is today.

Brand New Brand
This is the capstone project where what we have learned can be applied. The course is a step by step hands-on guide on creating a Brand Development Guide for a company that the students thought of or made up. It’s an excellent wrap up to the specialization as we have a tangible output.

My final project is for a company I call Daily GourmetĀ  – it is a food delivery service where busy cooking enthusiasts can order groceries and precisely measured ingredients based on a recipe you would like to cook at home. The Brand Development Guide includes the backstory of the company, creation of the logotype and mark, explorations on imagery, type usage, and brand application. It is a very hands-on course where I was able to apply what I have learned from the past courses.







Daily Gourmet Brand Development Guide – Capstone Project (pdf)

Disclaimer: The names and places included in the guide I have created were fictional and was not basedĀ on or about any actual company, person, or places. Photos and images included were from the internet used for learning and demo purposes only for the course. I’d like to use the final guide as part of my design portfolio only and not for profit.