Hello, I’m Renee Talabucon. I’m a designer who codes who used to be a coder who designs.

It always begins somewhere

UP Diliman - Engineering

I graduated BS Computer Science from the University of the Philippines and my first job was a Designer/Developer working on WordPress websites (and other PHP-based CMS) at a consulting company based in the Philippines. At that time, there wasn’t much separation between designers and developers so we pretty much do both, even directly collaborating with clients on business requirements. I think because of that experience, I still love and use WordPress to this day. I have learned so much from that time.

Always be trying new things

I next worked a Front-end developer in a US-based eCommerce company where I got to focus more on HTML and CSS. Fun times. This is when I learned more about the MVC Framework, on the hows and whys of modules and components in an enterprise system. I worked with designers from the marketing and developers from IT. It was a very different set-up, for sure, being focused on one big product.

Always be learning

I moved back to consulting as a Front-end developer x designer x trainer during an interesting time. The discipline of Design was becoming an integral part of any project and companies were giving more attention to user experience and not just functionality. The projects I worked on were varied from exciting start-ups to big corporations. This time taught me how to be flexible in terms of meeting requirements and expectations, and working with teams that have teaching/learning mindsets. It showed me how important the people you are working with are and that this makes a big difference most of the time.

Keep on keepin’ on

I moved to Saskatoon in 2014 and now working as a UX Designer for a US-based Fortune 500 company. It was a huge adjustment for me but focusing on work and family helped a lot. The company is on the real estate business and I learned (and continuously learning more) about the industry. I learned and dabbled on different disciplines from usability to data visualization, front-end work, and prototyping because my projects span desktop, mobile, and print.

What has imprinted on me these almost 15 years of creating x designing x developing is that one should invest in continuous education, learning new things and keeping on trying.

I’m not talented enough to be unprepared. Are you?

Monroe Stahr, The Last Tycoon