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Google Takeout for Backup

So, what do you do when you see that your free Google account space is running out? Google has awesome services we use daily and had become an integral part of out lives like GMail, Drive and Photos.  But like most of us, we use it free and thus it has limited space. We can
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Kendo Life

Almost two years ago in Manila, I made a very #decisive thing. It was so decisive that it deserved a hashtag.  A good friend invited me to watch her Kendo class. I watched. I marveled, jaw dropped.  I was amazed.  I told myself, why not? I signed up. #Decisive. While learning Kendo, I got to strengthen
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Saskatoon: WordPress for Beginners

Happy Holidays!

Retiring the old theme

Because it’s long overdue. I am (re)learning the Twentyfourteen WordPress theme (and lovin’ it), tinkering with design by creating a child theme. To learn more about WordPress Child Themes, checkout WordPress’ Codex. Goodbye, old theme.  Thank you for your service.