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Notes: Creative Confidence

Notes and thoughts about the book Creative Confidence: Unleashing the creative potential within us all by Tom Kelley and David Kelley of IDEO. The Heart of Innovation  “Creative confidence is a way of seeing that potential and your place in the world more clearly, unclouded by anxiety and doubt.” Flip Believe that you can make a
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Retiring the old theme

Because it’s long overdue. I am (re)learning the Twentyfourteen WordPress theme (and lovin’ it), tinkering with design by creating a child theme. To learn more about WordPress Child Themes, checkout WordPress’ Codex. Goodbye, old theme.  Thank you for your service.  

Awesome UX Design Videos to Get You Started

If you’re just getting into User Experience Design (UX Design), here are three of my favorite videos to get you going with learning UX Design, and always a good watch if you’d like some inspiration.   What the #$%@ is UX Design? This very creative video from UX Mastery will keep you watching every sketch and every step is
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When I grow up…

When we were kids, we get asked what we wanted to be or who we wanted to be like when we grow up. Personally, I can’t remember what the heck I said when I was asked that. Growing up, we were raised by a single mom on minimum wage working 6 days a week with overtime so
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My Antilibrary

“In fact, a good library is filled with mostly unread books. That’s the point.”  This post made me feel a bit better about my unread books. I’ve got a lot, or so I thought. Umberto Eco has thousands of books which one could assume he all had read but in reality he had not.  Compared
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