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Ideas from the History of Graphic Design – Week 1 Assignment

I finished the course Introduction to Typography and so I am taking another course in Coursera fom the California Insitute of the Arts called Ideas from the History of Graphic Design. The first week talked about how industrialization and mass production in the 19th century pushes for advertising and graphic design to promote and sell products. Read More

Introduction to Typography – Final Assignment

I finished the course Introduction to Typography in Coursera offered by the California Institute of the Arts. I enjoyed the lessons a lot as I have been interested in typography and calligraphy of late. I think I will never look at a font the same (simple) way again. Here’s my final assignment submission where we Read More

Awesome UX Design Videos to Get You Started

If you’re just getting into User Experience Design (UX Design), here are three of my favorite videos to get you going with learning UX Design, and always a good watch if you’d like some inspiration.   What the #$%@ is UX Design? This very creative video from UX Mastery will keep you watching every sketch and every step is Read More

Think Responsively

Responsive web design had been making a buzz for years now ever since this post from Ethan Marcotte on the subject back in 2010. A lot of designers had adopted the concept and had successfully applied it. I might be late for the party, I know. I’m trying my hand at it and started with Read More

Flat UI and I

I was looking through my old files and old works when I stumbled on a newbie design I did back in 2008 that was rejected by the client. I have blurred images, replaced others, and hid some text here. It looks like it could  be following the flat UI trend these days. There are a Read More

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