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Notes: Creative Confidence

Notes and thoughts about the book Creative Confidence: Unleashing the creative potential within us all by Tom Kelley and David Kelley of IDEO. The Heart of Innovation  “Creative confidence is a way of seeing that potential and your place in the world more clearly, unclouded by anxiety and doubt.” Flip Believe that you can make a
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Awesome UX Design Videos to Get You Started

If you’re just getting into User Experience Design (UX Design), here are three of my favorite videos to get you going with learning UX Design, and always a good watch if you’d like some inspiration.   What the #$%@ is UX Design? This very creative video from UX Mastery will keep you watching every sketch and every step is
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Flat UI and I

I was looking through my old files and old works when I stumbled on a newbie design I did back in 2008 that was rejected by the client. I have blurred images, replaced others, and hid some text here. It looks like it could  be following the flat UI trend these days. There are a
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Fave Finds of the Week

My love for reading and bookmarking (nay, curating) resulted to, my little directory of web resources. Everyday I find these awesome resources online about web design and development. Here are some of this week’s fave finds – Step by step, learn CSS fundamentals to create any website layout.

Appreciation for Google Search Sports Results Summary

This might not be anything for some but for me who doesn’t have access to a TV but needs to view Premier League match scores and Formula 1 race results right away, I totally appreciate Google’s search results summary right on top of the page.  Talk about great user experience. For web designers, that area
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