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Playing by Your Strengths

In Kendo, I play with guys taller, bigger, and more experienced than me. My senseis had taught me that though this seem like a great disadvantage, there is a technique in making that point – if you know how to do it properly. In my case, a men or hit on the head could be Read More


My friend Tet,  lovely girl that she is,  started the campaign #whywekendo to promote Kendo in the Philippines particularly Manila Kendo Club (MKC), my first Kendo family. I started Kendo a little over 3 years ago and I’ve only been with MKC a couple of months before I moved to Saskatoon. One of the things that  I thought Read More

Kendo Life

Almost two years ago in Manila, I made a very #decisive thing. It was so decisive that it deserved a hashtag.  A good friend invited me to watch her Kendo class. I watched. I marveled, jaw dropped.  I was amazed.  I told myself, why not? I signed up. #Decisive.

While learning Kendo, I got to strengthen bonds with old friends, met knew good ones, fangirled over awesome sempais and senseis, joined some “protein parties”, planned genki Kendo-related stuff. All these  of course after the muscle pain, jelly legs and arms, the blisters with your skin getting peeled off aka your new badge of honor, the fear of dying while cleaning the dojo and the concept of death always looming around with every clash of the shinai, and the constant push to your physical and psychological limit. Yes, madness. It was good.

Things quickly spiraled, changing, that I found myself in a foreign and cold, cold land where winter is always coming  (woosh!).  I don’t know what I’m doing here half the time. However, I promised  to continue this most #decisive thing – my journey to being a Kendo practitioner.


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