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My Antilibrary

“In fact, a good library is filled with mostly unread books. That’s the point.”  This post made me feel a bit better about my unread books. I’ve got a lot, or so I thought. Umberto Eco has thousands of books which one could assume he all had read but in reality he had not.  Compared
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Apparently, I’m an INTJ

Personality tests are scattered all over the internet – from the silly to the scientific. I’ve tried very few because most of the time I feel like it’s not very useful, or I’m just too lazy to read all those questions and options. Anyway, backed with research I tried this one based on the writings of Carl
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Jack Supports Unicef for the Children of the Philippines

More reason why I love Arsenal and why Jack Wilshere is an absolute fave. I just had to post this. Thank you, Jack Wilshere!

Yes, I’m an Arsenal fan!

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably have encountered my fangirl outburts whenever the Arsenal has a match (EPL). I’m celebrating Arsenal‘s win against Swansea with Jack Wilshere‘s uber brilliant goal with this lovable moment between Jack and striker teammate Olivier Giroud. I know most articles right now will show Jack all smiling and celebrating his
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The Chrome Web Lab Sketchbot and I

I showed Google’s newest experiment, Chrome Web Lab, to my friend the other night and we had a little fun with Sketchbot. I had my portrait drawn on sand by the Sketchbot located at the London Museum in real-time!