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Google Takeout for Backup

So, what do you do when you see that your free Google account space is running out?

Google has awesome services we use daily and had become an integral part of out lives like GMail, Drive and Photos.  But like most of us, we use it free and thus it has limited space.


We can all download our files, however, if you have a lot to sort out especially with Photos, it can be a drag to sort out.

Google Takeout is a great tool that can help you free up some much needed space by allowing us to download our files by bulk, by app.  Just select which app you would like to backup at that time –

GoogleTakeout2A few clicks and we’re creating a back up!GoogleTakeout3

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Stop Facebook Videos Auto Play

If you’re getting annoyed with videos posted on Facebook playing automatically like me, here’s how you can stop this once and for all – 1. Go to your Facebook Settings   2. Go to Videos options found at the bottom of the list of options 3. Change the Auto-play Videos setting to Off.   ..and you’re Read More

Awesome Code School Hall Pass

I’ve signed up for Code School way back and had tried their free courses (or those videos that I could access free). I love their lessons! I got a Hall Pass from them previously so I continued the courses that I had started. The hall pass is just for 48 hours so I’m going to make it worth it.

Code School Hall Pass


Availing the Hall Pass let me share the love, too. Click the image below to earn your own Hall Pass, which also lets me extend my Hall Pass! Thank you!

Share Code School


Here’s a quick look on what’s in Code School – tons of awesome. Read More

Fix Your Grammar!

Now, I’m not claiming that I am an expert nor that I have perfect grammar but I suppose we can all learn a thing or two so we can avoid this –     Read More

Fix: iTunes 11 could not detect iPod

I spent a full one hour on this thing just because of an update to the latest iTunes version @#$!@$%. I’m sharing what I have found that solved my problem and I hope it could help others as well because it was really a pain in the neck. I followed these instructions from the Apple Read More

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