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The History of Typography

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Fave Finds of the Week

My love for reading and bookmarking (nay, curating) resulted to, my little directory of web resources. Everyday I find these awesome resources online about web design and development.

Here are some of this week’s fave finds –

Learn CSS Layout
Step by step, learn CSS fundamentals to create any website layout. Read More

Today’s Rockstars

Couldn’t agree more. Read More

Hiroko Takahashi: Lecture on Japan Design

For reservations, please contact JFM at / 811-6155 to 68-58 ; or the Yuchengco Museum at / 889-1234 Read More

12 Lessons Steve Jobs Taught Guy Kawasaki

Truly inspiring and thought-provoking things to know if you’d like to be a successful entrepreneur and innovator. #01: “Experts” are clueless. #02: Customers cannot tell you what they need. #03: Biggest challenges beget the best work. #04: Design counts. #05: Big graphics. Big fonts. (in presentations) #06: Jump curves, not better sameness. #07: “Work” or Read More

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