Appreciation for Google Search Sports Results Summary

This might not be anything for some but for me who doesn’t have access to a TV but needs to view Premier League match scores and Formula 1 race results right away, I totally appreciate Google’s search results summary right on top of the page.  Talk about great user experience.

For web designers, that area “above the fold” is really important. It catches your audience’s attention and could make or break their appreciation for your site’s awesome content and usage of your brilliant features. For search engines, it is vital that the first page should show the most relevant content to the search expression and it looks like in this case that top area is also very important for real-time sports results.

Arsenal won 2-0 vs. Liverpool today with the new boys Lukas Podolski and Santi Cazorla making the goals. With this top summary, I even learned that Manchester United has a game the same day vs. Southampton and I’d like to check that out to see how ex-Arsenal captain Robin Van Persie will do. (I bet Man U’s getting their money’s worth.)

Meanwhile, Jenson Button did great in the F1 Belgian Grand Prix pushing him to #6 in the Drivers standings. I also read in the news posted that there was an unfortunate crash involving Hamilton, Alonso and Grosjean.  Ouch. Sorry Hamilton. Read More

Endgame Interactive: Facebook Episode

The interwebz has so much great stuff. I found this site – Endgame Interactive: Facebook Episode an online episode of show Endgame the integrates with Facebook to create an RPG /  “choose your own adventure” game. In this story, your friend was kidnapped and you need to find him/her in Arkady Balagan’s Huxley Hotel. You as a player will interact with the shows’ characters and go around looking for clues.

I just finished the episode. So cool. This is really a unique promotional material! I didn’t know the show and now I want to watch it. The brilliant minds behind this EMMY-winning material is The Secret Location.

I don’t want to spoil it for you but I took some screenshots while playing. It chose my friend Ika as the one I shall look for and save.

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UI or UX: Which came first?

There is a thin line between UI (User Inteface) and UX (User Experience) design, a description that appears like a blurry vision for some. Check out this lighthearted video on the meaning and impact of UI and UX Design using the chicken and egg analogy. Read More

Lovable Google Nexus 7 Ads

I am loving the Google Nexus 7 Ads! The humanity in them is enchanting, they give you that warm fuzzy feeling and convince you that it is a device worth integrating in your life.(Goodness, I want one.)

Nexus 7: Curious

Nexus 7: Camping

With that, I looked back at the recent Apple Genius ads out there… Read More

Cine Europa 2012

Because I missed Eiga Sai, I hope I won’t miss this one. I’d like to see the movies Senna and 2 Days in Paris. The first is because it’s about the Brazillian F1 driver Senna, and the second is a movie directed by Julie Delpy, who starred in Before Sunrise with Ethan Hawke.

Do you know the movies included? Got any recommendations?

Cine Europa 15 at the Shang Cineplex, Shangri-La Plaza  on September 6-16, 2012. Free Admission!

( Post updated with complete schedule. )

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