Hello world!

Welcome to The Fangirl Blog!

It’s been way too long since I’ve blogged and designed a blog! I’m really happy to be starting at new, and with The Fangirl Blog I hope I can have a place where I can share many things I am interested in. It’s not easy for me to write introductions like this right now as my thoughts are all over and my brain if filled with things that I’d like to post here and other sites I would like to design. So let’s get on with it!

After the unfortunate demise of my previous blog, Ink (under Subersibo.net) where I lost I think some 3 f-ing years of posts I stopped, totally went cold turkey on blogs and blogging. I’m not a prolific writer or any close to that but I do like designing and creating themes. WordPress themes, mostly. I am a happy WordPress fangirl and I know that the bad experience with my VPS provider should not stop me from spreading the fangirl love. (The tale of the VPS horror will be told in another post). Read More

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