A big thank you to everyone who inspires to create these little projects.

Art in CSS Grid
Inspired by Jen Simmons’ Mondrian Series, I wanted to learn CSS Grid Layout but in a more artistic way (not just create boxes…)

CSS Secrets Practice
I am challenging myself to go through all the secrets from Lea Verou’s amazing book CSS Secrets.

Brand Development Guideline – Final Project
My finished capstone project for California Institute of the Arts course Graphic Design Specialization. Brand New Brand. Read more about it here.

I wanted practice some CSS and also create something useful for me like a new resume. However, I  did not want to just write down information about myself. Inspired this by CSSCV.

JavaScript: Pig Game
Finished project from Udemy JavaScript course. I wanted to see if I can go through the course and learn JavaScript… once and for all.