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Coursera: Imagemaking Assignment

The latest Coursera course I’m taking is the Introduction to Imagemaking as part of the Graphic Design Specialization from the California Institute of the Arts. This course is very hands-on and exploratory and not just about knowing the concepts of creating an image. The implementation of the concepts introduced was very important and pushed one Read More

Celebrating Design Accomplishments

As I did not go to any art or design school, I am happy for the little opportunities of learning. I appreciate how much content there are available online that made great materials (and teachers!) within grasp. I recommend these courses to anyone wanting to learn design and typography. Thank you to Coursera and California Read More

Ideas from the History of Graphic Design – Week 4 Assignment

The final week of Ideas from the History of Graphic Design was about different graphic design subcultures from the 1950’s and 1907’s. It was interesting to learn about how much design had changed. For our assignment, we were asked to talk about a more recent subculture and describe its characteristics, function, members, and a bit about its Read More

Ideas from the History of Graphic Design – Week 3 Assignment

For Week 3, the topic was about Modernism in America and how design played a vital role in establishing commercial brand identities of various companies. As an assignment, we were to find a contemporary example that incorporated symbols or symbolic language in its design, describing what is communicated by the symbol and its overall effect. Read More

Ideas from the History of Graphic Design – Week 2 Assignment

In Week 2 of Ideas from the History of Graphic Design, our new assignment was to identify 3 new tools used by designers right now and give reasons why the tool or technology is relevant to the practice of design. Here are my answers: #1 Adobe Creative Suite that includes Photoshop and Illustrator has become Read More

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